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As a re-examination of the efficiency and effectiveness of the state's forestry regulations got underway, unfortunately but all-too-familiarly, our challenge soon became one not only to maximize this reform opportunity but also to stave off a timber industry push to capture and co-opt the process, which would almost certainly render any revamped rules toothless and ineffective.

When A.B. 1492 was signed into law we began a strong push to set up demonstration-logging pilot projects under the new law. These pilot projects—essentially logging experiments-- would take place in several different types of forest ecosystems in the state. Amazingly, the officials today have embraced pilot projects, which are now being funded, with the first project to roll out early in 2016. We should ultimately see at least two, and possibly four, pilot projects carried out.



“Effectiveness Monitoring Committee” sham...

At the beginning of the year, for the first time in memory, an adequate funding source was in place to bring about the needed reforms to California’s logging rules… as was the legislative mandate to do so.

Our struggle? To prevent Big Timber from hijacking these funds and steering this once-in-a-lifetime reform chance the industry’s way. Their approach was to eliminate transparency and prevent participation and oversight by diverse stakeholders and the public.

Enter the “Effectiveness Monitoring Committee.” This was touted as the agency’s instrument for developing a comprehensive, efficient set of forest-practices environmental standards, as required by 1492. But the EMC consists of the usual suspects—industry and timber agency players— together working their age-old game plan to coopt reform by creating the appearance of setting up meaningful standards for environmental protection.


Read more (below) about the history of our fight to develop proper scientific tools for measuring pollution from logging and the crucial reasons why we must devlop uniform standards for logging practices in our state. Each of the three Assembly Bills below were sponsored by Forests Forever and introduced by former Assemblymember Wes Chesbro (D-Arcata).

  1. A.B. 2575
    1. APRIL, 2010 A sweeping vision for forests Speak up for A.B. 2575 now
    2. MAY, 2010 A.B. 2575 faces next big test
    3. JUNE, 23 2010 Senate committee says aye' on AB 1504 Votes on AB 2575 and AB 2163 pushed to June 29
    4. SEPTEMBER 3, 2010: Legislature passes Forests Forever's AB 2575! Forest Land Recovery Act now headed to governor's desk
    5. OCTOBER 2010: Governor misses his chance to protect salmon. Veto of AB 2575 and demise of SB 539 imperil fisheries.
  2. A.B. 380
    1. JUNE 3, 2011: Speak up for the Forest Land Recovery Act now!
    2. JANUARY 2, 2012: Forests Forever posts forest gains in 2011!
  3. A.B. 875
    1. MARCH 11, 2013 Finally! Let's gauge, curb logging's impacts!
    2. NOVEMBER 11, 2013 Funding for forest protection at risk of misallocation!
    3. DECEMBER 30, 2013 Year in Review
  4. AND IN 2014
    1. MAY 12, 2014 Timber panel tries to hijack reform chance!
    2. JUNE 11, 2014 Agency/timber coalition attempts budget bill tactic to lock in its plans!
    3. DEC. 15, 2014 Speak up now for landmark forestry-reforms!
    4. With your letters and support, and the relentless pressure of our advocate, the EMC has listened!. They have inserted pilot-project-friendly language into the charter documents that guide the committee’s efforts. To make sure this step isn’t merely lip service—a facade without proper pilot projects—we are keeping up the fight.!


Fending off the timber-harvest-inspection fund raiders!

Never letting down our guard, Forests Forever fought to stave off the lumber retailers lobby, which in 2013 went after the funding from A.B. 1492, seeking to drain off exhorbitant setup fees to collect the tax. We headed the raiders off at the state Board of Equalization and helped make sure the money will flow where it is supposed to: protecting forests.



Major victory!
Ominous S.B. 455 revised!


Forests Forever scored a major win recently when supporters of Senate Bill 455 struck out all of its language proposing vast, new Watershed Timber Harvest Plans (WTHPs).

"We're pleased that the bill is now moving forward without the provisions that caused us so much concern," said Forests Forever Executive Director Paul Hughes. All of the many Forests Forever supporters who spoke out and wrote letters on this issue give yourselves a huge pat on the back! You enabled us to stop a really bad idea in its tracks.

Of the many forest-advocacy groups on record opposing the bill Forests Forever was the only one campaigning, with all its resources, for a Nob vote on S.B. 455 in its previous form. Our Field Canvass generated nearly 1000 letters on the bill over the months leading up to June 11, when the favorable amendments took place. At the same time our Phone Canvass generated that many more commitments to write, call, or fax.


  1. 2015 Accomplishments
    1. Logging–rules reform Find out more about how we are leading the fight in an historic logging–rules reform effort.
    2. Hack-and-squirt tree poisoning Learn what Forests Forever is doing to stop the needless poisoning of millions of trees per year in California.
    3. Berryessa / Snow Mountain: newest national monument! "To all the Forests Forever supporters who wrote to the president urging him to take executive action to save the 'SnowBerry' region, your action has paid a rich reward,” said Paul Hughes, Forests Forever executive director. “Give yourselves a big pat on the back-- or better still, plan to get up there and see the area soon.
    4. Ahead in 2016 Take a read of some of the other things we see ahead in 2016!
    5. Full year in review alert Check out our eAlert for a full review of 2015 accomplishments.
  2. 2014 Accomplishments
    1. Forests Forever spent 2014 locked in a momentous struggle to fully realize what is our latest—and could be our last—great opportunity to thoroughly overhaul California’s broken system that regulates logging practices. With your letters and support, and the relentless pressure of our advocate, the EMC has listened!
    2. Every working day Forests Forever speaks directly to concerned Californians, making them aware of the latest threats to forests and marshaling their phone calls, emails, and individually written letters to targeted decision-makers. We reach thousands of citizens per year with our urgent message. Read more about our organizational accomplishments last year.
    3. Many new members of the Assembly and Senate must become acquainted with our issues and brought up to speed. We aim to cultivate a close relationship with the next major pro-forest champions in the state Capitol, as we did with retiring Assemblymember Wes Chesbro for many years.
    4. Your voices were heard in Sacramento! OR7 and his pups will be afforded safe haven (scroll down to E-ALERT UPDATE!)
  3. 2013 Accomplishments (Email)
  4. 2012 Accomplishments
    1. Major Victory! Ominous S.B. 455 revised!
  5. 2011 Accomplishments
    1. Victory for the Roadless Rule!
    2. Susan Britting lands forestry board seat!
  6. 2009-2010 Accomplishments (Print)
  7. 2009-2010 Accomplishments (Email)
    1. Governor signs 'Carbon Sink Act'! Bill to tally forest CO2 becomes state law
    2. Legislature passes Forests Forever's AB 2575! Forest Land Recovery Act now headed to governor's desk
    4. U.S. FORESTS HAVE CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION! Forests Forever supporters merit an especial thank-you for the thousands of letters you wrote...
    5. WALDEN SALVAGE LOGGING BILL DIES WITH SESSION Thanks to continuing pressure from concerned citizens, scientists and environmentalists, the bill was unable to gain traction in the Senate this year.
    7. RON NEHRING WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED TO THE BOARD OF FORESTRY Nehring's appointment would have tipped the balance of the board yet further in favor of industry and away from sound conservation practices and citizen participation.
    8. NEW FOREST SERVICE RULES FOR ORV USE Citizens concerned about the environmental impacts of off-road vehicles (ORVs) in the national forests now can have a hand on the steering wheel.
    11. VICTORY FOR CALIFORNIA'S OAK WOODLANDS! Forests Forever supporters wrote, called, faxed or emailed state senators 1,967 times, assemblymembers 4,918 times, and Gov. Schwarzenegger 2,090 times about the oak woodlands bill. Due to your efforts, there is now, for the first time, a mitigation formula to help conserve the unique oaks of California.
    12. JACKSON STATE FOREST BILL GOES TO GOVERNOR! A bill Forests Forever has supported from the first has been passed by the state legislature and now needs only the governor's signature to become law.
    13. NEARLY THERE: OAK WOODLANDS AND HERITAGE TREE BILLS MOVE ON! Two bills Forests Forever has supported from the beginning are going into the home stretch in the Assembly.
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